The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Fun-Filled Frightfest

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  • Издательство: Harper Design

    Страниц: 128

    Переплёт: мягкий

    Размер: 220x275

    Язык: английский

  • Join Matt Groening, the King of Comic Chaos and the creator of America's favourite family, 'The Simpsons', as he cooks up a creepy cornucopia of knee–knocking, white knuckling, knee–slapping knick–knacks. Brace yourself for beer–bellied beasties, frozen cavemen, ghoulish groundskeepers, price–gouging Kwik–E clerks, wonderful wizards, drooling aliens, banned books, talking horses, defective duplicates and parallel worlds. If you have a taste for terror and a hankering for humour, satisfy your appetite with this deliriously delicious treat not for the faint of heart or the very ticklish!