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  • Автор: Mark L. Haynes, J. C. Vaughn, Greg LaRocque, Eliseu Zeu Gouveia

    Издательство: American Mythology Productions

    Страниц:  32

    Переплёт: мягкий

    Язык: английский 

  • Celebrate Stargate comics with an awesome flip book annual issue featuring stories from both Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis with two brand new covers - one on each side!  Series writers Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn team up with series artists Greg LaRocque and Eliseu Gouveia to deliver two brand new stories!  First, it takes a village in "The Other Guys", when the Stargate Atlantis crew discovers technology that could obliterate the city.  And then we delve deep into one of SGU's fan favorite characters during the final hours before the series finale in "Camile".  Stargate Atlantis / Stargate Universe Annual 2018 comes with three covers - Front/Back Flip covers by Greg LaRocque, A Photo Cover, and a Limited Edition Premium Flashback Photo Cover.