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  • Автор: Dan Abnett, Viktor Bogdanovic, John Romita, Sandra Hope

    Издательство: DC

    Кол-во станиц: 137

    Переплёт: мягкий

    Размер: 160х250

    Язык: английский

  • “Delivers an action extravaganza.” -A.V. Club
    “John Romita Jr.’s action scenes are impeccable.” -IGN
    “A lot of fun to read and the perfect introduction to Honor’s world.”

     She’s known as the Silencer, and for years she used her deadly skills and sound-dampening abilities to keep the criminal organization Leviathan in check as Talia al Ghul’s personal assassin. Six years ago she thought she’d accomplished the impossible-she got out. She took on a new identity as Honor Guest, got married, had a kid. It was bliss.

     But bliss never lasts. A power struggle within Leviathan has removed Talia from command, and the new leaders aren’t as willing to simply let Honor walk away. Now, to protect the family that means everything to her, she has to go back to the life she swore she was done with.
    The underworld had better watch out. The Silencer is back, and she knows what needs to be done to keep her family safe...and there’s no one better or deadlier at what she does! Collects The Silencer #1-6.