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  • Автор: Chuck Dixon, Don Lomax, Roger Salick, John Buscema, Mike Harris, Kevin Kobasic, Gary Kwapisz, Alberto Saichann

    Издательство: Marvel

    Страниц: 352

    Переплёт: мягкий

    Размер: 165x260

    Язык: английский

  • Collects The 'Nam #52-53, #67-69; Punisher Invades the 'Nam: Final Invasion #1; Punisher War Journal (1988) #52-53; Punisher War Zone (1992) #26-30. Years before he brought his personal war to the mean streets of the Marvel Universe, Marine Sgt. Frank Castle fought in Vietnam — and the man he would become took shape in those killing fields. Revisit the horrors of the ’Nam along with Frank as he battles side-by-side with comrade-in-arms Mike “Ice” Phillips and faces down a deadly jungle sniper, and fights alone in his final tour of duty to rescue a crew of downed airmen from a sadistic vivisectionist. Plus: Years later, “Ice” comes to the aid of his fellow veteran — but can the two of them take down the paramilitary group the Sons of Liberty and a Central American drug kingpin?