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  • Автор: John Broome, Gardner Fox

    Издательство: DC

    Страниц: 800

    Переплёт: твёрдый

    Размер: 281 x 193 х 5

    Язык: английский

  • Life in Central City only gets weirder and wilder for the Flash as Barry Allen's Silver Age adventures continue! Mirror Master reconvenes the six famous Flash foes who would come to be known as the Rogues! The Scarlet Speedster races Superman to settle the question of just who is the Fastest Man Alive! And save the date for the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West! All this, plus team-ups with Kid Flash, Jay Garrick, Green Lantern, the Justice League of America and more add up to an abundance of high-speed Silver Age excitement.

    Transformation, traps and tragedies make up the wildly imaginative world of the Flash in this expansive collection, featuring some of the Crimson Comet's most bizarre adventures and most popular villains.

    The Flash: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 3 collects all the Scarlet Speedster's tales from The Flash #164-199 and includes a foreword by The Flash writer Mark Waid.