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  • Автор: Lee Black, Brian Clevinger

    Издательство: Marvel

    Страниц: 133

    Переплёт: мягкий

    Размер: 257 x 168

    Язык: английский

  • Thanos, scourge of the cosmos, has acquired the Infinity Gems, granting him control over the entire universe. With the power of the gems, he destroyed half the population of all worlds, including many of the Avengers and half the Fantastic Four. The only force standing in his way is what's left of the Avengers. But how can a ragtag group of heroes and villains--including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel and Doctor Doom--overpower the unstoppable? Plus: See where the saga began in the classic Infinity Gauntlet #1.


    Collects Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet #1-4, Infinity Gauntlet (1991) #1.