14 000,00 ₽Цена
  • Автор: Warren Ellis

    Издательство: DC Comics

    Страниц: 512

    Переплёт: твёрдый

    Размер: 210 x 320

    Язык: английский

    • After years of self-imposed exile from a civilization rife with degradation and indecency, cynical journalist Spider Jerusalem is forced to return to a job that he hates and a city that he loathes. Working as an investigative reporter for the newspaper The Word, Spider attacks the injustices of his surreal 21st Century surroundings.
    • Combining black humor, life-threatening situations, and moral ambiguity, this book is the first look into the mind of an outlaw journalist and the world he seeks to destroy.
    • Collects the first twenty-one issues of Transmetropolitan in DC's top quality, slipcased Absolute Edition format.